Do We Really Need All That Stuff?


What is it about rods, reels, lures and other assorted gadgets that has us so mesmerized with the hardware of fishing? The other day visiting with a friend, he showed me the several rod racks he had mounted in his garage. All were packed with fishing combos in virtually every size shape and configuration. But wait – there was more. In addition to the loaded racks in the ceiling, there standing in various locations about his modest abode were several other fishing combos ready for specific duty.

“How many fishing outfits do you have,” I asked with some measure of admiration. “I think the last time I counted, it was over 100,” he said sheepishly. “Wow, I’m really impressed!”

Now this is no knock on my friend, who is one of the more talented anglers I know. If he thinks he needs all that stuff will make him a better angler, I have no beef with that. But I do think collecting tackle can become a serious addiction.

As a matter of fact, I live in somewhat of a glass house myself — not to the extent of my tackle hoarding friend — so I can’t and shouldn’t throw any stones his way. I frankly might be somewhat embarrassed to have someone tour my own tackle collection.

I often confess to my wife that “if I never buy another lure, rod or reel, I would be fixed for life. “Well, if that’s the case Mel, why don’t your get rid of some of that junk?” “Are you kidding, I guarantee you that there will be some occasion when I will need every one of those lures – and I really do use all of those rods and reels,” I respond pleading my case.

There isn’t an avid fisherperson out there whose tackle collection doesn’t grow exponentially over the years. It is truly the nature of the angling addicted beast.

We are constantly lured (no pun intended) by the latest and potentially greatest in rods, reels, plugs, jigs, spoons, and all nature of fishing related items.

Recently the “HoldZit” – a new kind of pliers pouch, has captured my interest. It only cost $8.95 and when I saw it, I had to have one. The HoldZit accepts any popular lubricant that continually keeps your pliers well oiled and corrosion free.

I have three really expensive G-Loomis rods, which I prize and love using. Yet, I tried out a new 7.6-foot Redbone rod – and I had to have it! You guessed it. That Redbone is now an integral part of the Berman collection.

It’s almost too easy for us to justify expenditures for these fishing related accouterments. Yet we do keep them coming, and our homes eventually begin to look like a tackle store. But you know something, I am not ever ashamed about my tackle booty. Fishing is what I do. It keeps me in touch with Nature, makes life a pleasure and is a lot cheaper than many other vices. (At least that’s the excuse I use with my wife.)