Summer Solstice Central Florida Fishing Report

Thank you for reading this summer solstice central Florida Fishing Report. Saturday is the solstice! I will celebrate by using a lawnmower.Sunday evening Susan and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary at Bonefish Grill. Sister Cheryl tagged along, perhaps as a chaperone? We sat outside, of course. A thunderstorm came through, booming and spitting at us. It made for quite a memorable meal, our only restaurant visit since the COVID incident started. We are still on self-quarantine.

Monday was the actual anniversary. I had installed a new livewell pump in the Mitzi, and took it out on the St. Johns to check for leaks. It’s all good!The old livewell intake tube could not pick up water while the boat was running. On this installation I added an EZ Pump to the transom. This device forces water into the intake tube while the boat is running. It works great, I am so happy I did this! I’m not big on using bait, but when I have it I want it to stay alive.The EZ Pump scoops water into the live well water pickup when the boat is on plane.After dinner I loaded three kayaks onto the roof of the chariot. We drove to Haulover Canal and launched them as darkness fell. The bioluminescence is heavy now. Every paddle stroke makes the water glow electric blue, as do all the mullet and other sea creatures. The Big Dipper was nearly straight overhead, pointing at Polaris, Leo, and Arcturus. We watched Scorpius rise, and saw several satellites and meteors. It was a fantastic way to finish off anniversary day!

Wednesday looked like I could cruise the deep blue. I launched at the Port, clearing the jetties as the sun cleared the horizon. Tarpon were the goal.I found a few rolling near the cape. Blind-casting a black and purple streamer in the vicinity, I had a bump. Not a take, but a large fish rolled behind the fly. Had it eaten, the 10-weight would have been inadequate. That was it in two hours. I pulled the boat, trailered to Haulover Canal.The water at the south end of the lagoon is fairly clear. There is no grass. I visited all my old best spots down there. Between 10 and 2, I saw one trout, one redfish, one bonnethead, maybe a dozen black drum, and caught three trout on a plastic minnow, two of which were slot fish. There were decent numbers of finger mullet. Don’t need to go back for a while!Thursday Susan and I paddled around on Lake Mills for a short time. Water looks nice! Didn’t see much in the way of fish. Lots of ski boats and jet skis moored around the margins of the lake.

Friday I was going to go out. Cancelled because of a forecast. Bad move! Ended up working on the hurricane panels, a tougher job than anticipated.I think there is a connection between thinking and fishing, mostly because you spend a lot of your time up to your waist in water without a whole lot to keep your mind busy. – Anthony DoerrLife is great and I love my work!

Every day is a blessing. Don’t waste it- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski, author of Fishing Florida by Paddle- An Angler’s Guide
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