As we enter into October fall season starts. Leaves start to fall, cooler temperatures and shorter days also are upon us. It’s a great time to fish.

Snook fishing has been great and fish transition to the flats and get ready for cold weather. This is when Snook start to feed as bait becomes scarce on the flats. Bait of choice this time of year would be greenbacks. Look for fish to transition into the river systems as we get later into the fall season.

Redfish schools are still plentiful on the flats on the extreme low tides Look for fish to move onto the outer flats on the negative low tides and mix in with the schools of mullet. On higher water fish will push up into the bushes and will be a little harder to find schooled up but fishing under the trees will also be productive.

Trout fishing is another highlight this time of year as the big breeders move onto the flats. Drifting the flats with popping corks id a good way to target Trout and cover a lot of ground at the same time. Shrimp or Greenbacks are great options when fishing for Trout this time of year.

Capt. Jason Prieto
Owner: Steady Action Fishing Charters