Eating a mullet?     Some people say yes.    Here’s a suggestion on how to try it:

This is from a born and raised cracker. I grew up eaten mullet. I have eaten it every way possible.

1. Size doesn’t matter.   Any size mullet will do.  
2. After you cast net some put a finger in each gill and pull head back toward the tail till you snap the head from the backbone, let them bleed in saltwater slush.
3. The old time Floridian’s took the smaller mullet and scaled and gutted, then take a small stiff brush and clean the black belly lining then roll in corn meal and fry whole.

To smoke you need a good stiff bladed knife, split along the back right on the edge of the back bone, all the way back to the tail. Clean out the guts save the gizzard [old timer’s fried them like chicken gizzards] make sure you clean out the mud in the gizzard, once you have back split them clean out the black belly lining then smoke. I mix oil, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, lemon zest then baste, use red oak to smoke. Nothing like a plate full of fried mullet and jalapeno cheese grit’s and corn bread. You can also fillet, take the skin off and de-bone and fry, bake or broil them. The best time to take some mullet for smoking is around October, November they are full of fat getting ready to spawn. When you clean out the belly try to leave as much fat as you can.