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Product Review – EGO Rubber Mesh Landing Net by Adventure Products Inc.

Landing nets; there are so many on the market and most will do the job.  So what really separates landing nets form each other?  How about construction, weight, size, cost; I could go on…  I have found a net that really stands out in all those areas and some.  It is the EGO Rubber mesh series by Adventure Products Inc.

This landing net is pleasure to use; you can actually use one hand to hold the net and still hold your fishing rod.  The large size rubber net weights only 1.5 pounds and it floats!  Yes my customers and I have dropped the net in the water from time to time; it happens!  Most rubber mesh nets I’ve used in the past were very heavy; not the EGO rubber mesh net.  It comes in clear and black rubber mesh which is both soft and yet tangle/hook free.  This is always great when throwing that good old MirrOlure; especially when the trout bite is on!

Just look at it this way; whether you fish by yourself or you’re a guide with client’s fishing around you.  Now there is a net that you can grab with one hand and net the fish.  A light weight net means faster response to landing that trophy fish on the end of your line or your client’s line.  There’s also the point of tangle/hook free.  I myself before I got an EGO rubber mesh net lost a nice Striped bass during a tournament.  The reason we lost the Striper was; we had another Striper caught in the net by a treble hook.  There for we could not net the next fish coming to the boat.  If we had an EGO rubber mesh we would have had both Stripers in the boat!

Take a look at the full line of EGO nets at I use the Large EGO rubber mesh net for Redfish, Speckled trout, Flounder, Sheephead and many other inshore fish.  I use the XL rubber mesh for Bull Redfish, Cobia and Stripers.  If you use one of these EGO rubber mesh nets you will be hooked on them, trust I am!

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