Fishing The Everglades


 By Captain Charles Wright

 The west gateway to the Everglades National Park is through Everglades City and Chokoloskee Island. Located just 30 minutes from Naples, 90 minutes from Miami, Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton, it offers some of the best fishing you will ever experience. It has been rated one of the top ten fly fishing locations in the world and it is right in your Florida back yard!!!

DaiwaPermitThe Everglades National Park is vast and richly diverse in fish species. With 1.4 million acres in the Park alone, everglades fishing is very special. In the same fishing charter, it is possible to catch bass in the freshwater, snook in the backcountry, tarpon in the rivers, redfish on the beaches, trout on the flats, as well as, permit and cobia on the near shore structure. It is not uncommon for Chokoloskee Charters anglers to catch 12 or more species of fish during their stay.

The Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands are a traveling fisherman’s ideal destination. How many times have you had your trip hurt by weather? The vast area of protected waters means that weather days are virtually non-existent. There is always sheltered places to fish so you do not have to spend your fishing day cooped up at the fishing lodge or villa. The everglades fly fishing is wonderful for this reason alone. Never, do you have fish in the wind all day!!

Though a five-day fishing package is recommended, a typical three day fishing package should include a morning of snook fishing along the inside islands shorelines followed by sight-fishing redfish and snook on the beaches in the afternoon. A morning of trout fishing on the flats, followed by tarpon fishing laid-up giants in the bights should also be part of your trip. With just one day left you will have some choices to make for your last day … fly fishing (or spin/plug) tarpon in the rivers, sight fishing 15-25 lb permit, digging grouper, live baiting for giant tarpon in the passes and rivers, catching our “brown marlin” (cobia), fishing the near-shore wrecks. etc. You will have to choose.

Chokoloskee Charters has four types of boats serving its angling clientele to handle the diverse fishing. The staff guides have been fishing the Park since the early 70’s and have a vast amount of experience to make your trip exceptional. Whether you are being poled in a flats boat fly fishing snook, chasing permit and cobia in a 20′ open fisherman, digging grouper in a 26′ center console offshore or fishing and enjoying the wildlife with your wife and another couple near a beach or rookery on our 26′ foot deck boat, your trip will be special.

Chokoloskee Charters offers complete fishing packages including boats, baits, tackle, guides, meals and fishing villas to make your trip easy, comfortable and rewarding.

With the ten thousand island and the everglades fishing so close, why Naples fishing? Miami fishing is good. Everglades fishing is great. Come and experience it.

Capt. Charles Wright.

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