Same as years past, the entry fee is $30.   A portion goes to the charity (Suncoast Animal League).   The remainder pays out to our winners.       

It is four weeks out.   I would like to start building up the roster for sign in.   Let me know if you are joining in.   It’s not quite crunch time, but it’s getting close.     Speak up:  Let me get your name on the roster. 
I got more of the sponsor donations this week.   It will be the same as years past, with some additions: It will probably be the most stuff for me to give away in the nine years of the event.    The donations will be used for both prizes and the raffle.   The raffle will once again be substantial.      Smith Optics donation:   One for the raffle, the rest for winners.    Should a fish not be caught in a category, more than one in the raffle.   Stick It Anchor Pins:   Six of them.    One in the raffle, the rest for prizes.   Same thing.   If a fish isn’t caught, more in the raffle.     
Respond:   Division.   Your name.    Yes/no on bonus species ($5) which is flounder;  Yes/no on Overall Pool  ($10).    Overall pool:  Longest redfish.   Longest trout.      Thinking about no combined inches just bigger payouts for longest trout and longest redfish.   I just thought of it.   I’ll run it by the committee.   
Just reply to this email or you can call to tell me.    Same format as years past.   Same location for check-in and after fishing party.   The Fat Cat Tavern.
I’m looking forward to it.    I enjoy seeing who wins.   

Neil Taylor, tournament director