What’s hot:
Flounder are making their annual appearance. One of the most underutilized species to visit our waters, flounder are not particularly exciting to catch but they make great dinners.

Tackle and techniques:
Light tackle is all that is needed. Rods, reels, leader line: All very light. In fact, using a rod with a lot of give in the tip is an advantage. Lures are easy: Just use plastic tails on 1/8 to 3/16-ounce jigheads. Color isn’t important. They see something moving, they are likely to eat it.

Flounder are located on sandy spots in water that is four feet or deeper. Sandy areas that border other structure is best. This could be up against rocks, seagrass. Move lures at a very, very slow speed. Flounder lay camouflaged against the bottom. If lures are kept down on the bottom you will get more strikes. The daily limit is 10. Minimum size is 12 inches. We don’t keep them until they get 14 inches. In flounder targeting, if you go after them hard, you will probably get at least one per day that is approaching 20 inches.

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