Things are a little out of sorts for the annual spring migration of kingfish in our area. The migration was on track to be here a bit earlier than normal, but a late-season cold front dropped water temperatures by 8 degrees in just three days at the end of March. I believe this not only expedited the move to the north but also scattered the fish all over the area. Look for fish in areas offshore for the next month as stragglers keep pushing their way into the cooler waters. The push of blackfin tuna and sailfish is here. Tuna are being taken in depths of 50-200 feet. Look at wrecks and springs . Securing a well full of pilchards early at bridges is key. At your desired location, a slow, steady line of live chummers pitched all around the boat should have drags peeling with a number of species. Once these fish are around the boat, the tuna will not be far behind. Rig with leader in the 20- to 30-pound range coupled with a 2/0-4/0 circle hook. Red grouper fishing is steady in depths of 100-130 feet. Look in common areas of hard bottom.

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