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    My client let me have yesterday off following the tournament.   That was nice.   Friday we went jigging.    Oddly everyone caught pompano but me.   First time they have been caught this year.    Not a bunch but enough to be interesting.

    25 years living here:   Never seen this fish.   I need to get an identification.      John caught one.   I caught one.

    Today, John caught one.   I caught one.    The ones he caught were small.    The ones I caught were both decent size.

    It looks like a member of the jack family.    But it also looks like a miniature tuna.

    We got on the pompano again today.       All on the Silly Willy with an Uncle Neil teaser.   100% of the fish caught on the teaser.     Pompano were a mix of small to medium.   Friday there was one really large one..

    I would expect this action to accelerate.   I am hoping for a year similar to last year.    Last year the numbers ended up:  30 pompano per trip.     Well above the best of any other year.     They were also excellent size last year.

    Lots of opportunities coming up to see if it is getting better.     My schedule happened late this year.     What I usually have in March I’ve got going on right now.

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    Research:   Not successful.     I did not find a match.

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    J.A. Veil

    Here is a photo of the mystery fish — the one I got today was about 12″ long.  Based on reviewing information on the FWC website for jacks and pompanos I think it is a blue runner — Neil does not agree.  There were raised scutes along the sides and in front of the tail.  Blue runners can get up to 4 lb and 20″ but most are much smaller.  

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    Excellent.  A reply from a guy that was there.

    I have caught blue runners my entire life.      Maybe it is true, I just never caught one this big.

    It might make sense.   I catch the small ones there regularly.

    I don’t know

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    Sure looks like a blue runner to me. If that is a 12 incher, Ive caught a ton of those–mainly in the panhandle. Up to maybe 16-17″.

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    Looks like a blue runner to me , usually catch them out a little bit but can be caught anywhere.

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