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    I don’t like David Price.      He has had no post season success.    I hope that continues.      Houston’s offense has gone dead but I think it will come around.    All those guys are saying the Red Sox win it tonight.    I see Houston winning two games and this series going 7.

    Last night the plate umpire was Mark Carlson.   I worked with Mark in 1995.      Tonight it’s Gooch.   Chris Guccione.    He got in the game together.   He’s a Colorado guy.     First base umpire Mark Wegner.

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    I wasn’t watching when it happened last night.   Saw it on replay about half an hour later.    Ball up in the stands, outfielder jumps, he has his glove on it.   They go to replay and call it an out.

    I can tell you it was either that or that was a ball kept in play.    The decision was correct.     I am still regarded as one of the best rules guys there is.    The location of the fans’ hands is the key.   You take a direct plane from the outfield wall and extend it up.    If the call is farther back into the stands it’s open season.     If it is directly over the wall or out toward the playing field it can be fan interference.    That’s what it was.

    Of course they never listened to me.   For 25 years I have been telling them that they put the front row seats two feet farther back fans are less likely to impact a game.    Bottom line:  Baseball likes controversy.   It’s good for the game in their view.

    Interesting series.     Houston was the champ last year and expected to do better.    Down 3 to 1, can they win three in a row.   I say they can.    I picked Boston to win the world series two weeks ago.     I see this series going seven games.     I think it’s anyone’s series in a game 7.       We shall see.     Scoreless in the second inning.

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