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    Been tying teasers a couple hours a day.    Breaks from teasers I tie a few flies.      Lately, pompano flies.      My pompano fly, heavy head to sink it down.   Most of my pompano stuff is 9 feet deep or more.   I put the largest lead head on them that I can find.     My most successful pompano fly?   I put two of them on there.     Lots of flash.     Fairly heavy in gold.    I don’t go heavy on the gold in my teasers.    I do the pink and the flash.    With the pompano fly, I use the gold.       Actually:  Most flies I tie I use the gold.     The fly I did for the Captain Mel Classic that everyone caught redfish on:     A darker gold.       Funny, colors, I can’t tell you “for sure.”     I’m actually color blind.

    I’d like to have someone teach me how to do more advanced flies.     A good shrimp is one I want to learn.     I learn one that works, I’ll tie them and sell them.    Selling teasers and flies, just to afford more materials to make more.       With 18,000 teasers, if I get buyers it will become a taxable income thing.      Operating at breakeven to this point:   Whatever.

    I have made some flies that didn’t work.    But most of what I have done would catch a fish.      I will keep trying new things.

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    More today.    Starting to run low on hooks again.      Made up for everything I sold.   Looking forward to that lunch meeting to see if I can start selling 1000 at a time every month.

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