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    The ugly women of Tampa Bay, protest me using the photos of good looking women for the site.    I can’t help it if you are ugly.   That is what you have to live with.    You are also a loser in general by the way.

    I have nine of the ten.   Really debating that last one.        Six of the nine were easy.     A couple were “bubble” girls.      I know there is someone I am forgetting.    Maybe more than one and that will change one of the nine.     One of them is a site visitor.    I wonder what she is going to say when she sees I put her in my top ten.     She is on the final list.    She is a top three category.

    I probably should have made it a top 30 list.    I had the brainstrorms for that many.    I decided on ten and I think I’ll go with that.       Pure beauty in this world.       My choices.    Sweetness.     You may not like the look of a beautiful woman.   I do.   I believe that eating and looking at a dynamite looking woman are two of the only reasons to be alive.

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