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    A couple of days off.   Will the pompano be in thick the next time I go?      I am ready for them.     I tied 50 teasers to top off my supplies.   They get in good I’ve got people that want to go.   Held off to see if we can’t get more in my favorite spots.

    Reports are that they are jammed in the passes.    The people that know how to do it are getting them.

    Flounder need to get going.   Last year was pretty lame.   I’m hoping they come in in much bigger numbers this time.

    The topwater bite for trout has been fantastic.    We did great on those trips the past two weeks.      Mirrolures.     I’m going to talk to Eric about getting some lures he has out that I haven’t tried yet.      Gotta keep up with what he’s got.

    Silver trout were there.   Haven’t hit them in a few weeks.     A location where they are almost year round:  They were in good then kind of mediocre.     I like them for fish spread.     I got everyone covered with the last batch.     It is work to put it together but the Pub people like having it regularly.      Pompano get in good, they will go into spread pretty often.

    Redfish action was just “OK”.    Kind of bummed about the redfishing the last four years.    Things are always changing.   I think that more traffic on the water has changed the redfish patterns.     I’d love to go back to how we had it ten years ago.

    North Pinellas is out.     Just had so many bad trips up there I quit.     They are catching a lot of blacktips up there right now.    But that is pretty much it.

    Two more days off then big trips.    Pouring some concrete at the house and finishing a thing or two with the off days.    Really enjoying this rain.     What will it be in a few days??     That low down near Cuba could be a major rainmaker here if it comes up the eastern side of the Gulf.   Either way we should be on the wet side.

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