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    I’m in touch with Jamie and Paul at the Skyway piers every week.    I used to go out there all the time.     Lately, not so much.      If you are getting into it and you want some action go out to the Skyway Piers.   Pay the fee, park right where to fish.

    My jig/teaser is all you need.      Back when that was where I went a lot, I would toss the pompano jig and teaser and catch mackerel all day long.

    Pier fishing is good especially if someone shows you how to do it.   Pelicans dive on hooked fish.   Stay alert.   Pull it away from pelicans.

    Getting fish from the water onto the pier, my method I called The Launch.     Lean over, reel up all the slack.   Grab the spool and then Launch the fish up onto the pier.     It works.   It’s fast.

    The Piers are a great place to go.    Concentrate on the first 150 yards:  Pompano.   Go farther out, mackerel are an option almost year round.   That structure attracts bait.   The bait attracts predators.    Go.    Enjoy.    The piers are pure gold.

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