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    New line.

    My sponsor:  Tuf Line.    New people there, I made contact.   They came through.      Line for me.   Line for the next Captain Mel Classic.

    15 pound blue XP is what I have been using for six years.      Like it is with all my sponsors, I don’t ask for it every year like most guys do.   I ask for it when I am running low.

    The note in the package thanked me for my dedication to their product.   This is apparently one of their best markets.     Part of that has to do with me.   The people I take fishing use what I use.   Tuf Line is a quality product.     I have been with them for about nine years.    I left Power Pro at that time.   Shimano bought them out and they wanted me to jump through hoops.     They were trying to drive everyone to all their programs.    I refused.      Haven’t been a Shimano guy at all for probably 18 years.     Daiwa for my reels.

    Anyway, I thought I would mention it.     Tuf Line is first class.

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