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    I used to use this forum about 5 years ago , looks like traffic has slowed down, I would love to help get back up to where it used to be, Daily and Weekly fishing reports photos anything to keep me away from Facebook, an deal with just fishing.

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    I agree it would be really nice to see the forum come back to life

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    Hi. Welcome back.

    Your assessment is tactful. “Dead” is a better evaluative word. I could not get on this forum for over two years. No way would it take any password. Tried many times to deal with it with only frustration. Then I gave up and forgot about this place for another two years.

    Strangly, Bob Harrison motivated me to try again. Can’t remember the sequence of events but managed to get a working password. Actually shocked it worked just now and I could get on.

    Did a report with picture back in late December. A week or so later and there were no responses. I will have to look and see if there have ever been any. Do not know as I got discouraged and left again. Wife is sick so my fishing time is near zero the past year.

    Did have a major engine issue since resolved and got the boat out about two weeks ago. Typical Sheepshead and grunt time in the bay. Never thought to post.


    Only “old timer” I know is Stowaway. He recently bought a Carolina Skiff. We fished it once for a stinking on Power Plant Cobia. Neil is a salesman for RV’s at General RV in Plant City. He does fish maybe once a week or even more now.

    Nice to read some activity here.

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      fishhawk I used to use another another name but can’t figure out which email it was. I remember reading your post.  I’m heading out tomorrow and let you know what I get into. Tight lines

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    A lot of people moved on from internet sites. It is just the way it is. Some people want to come back because the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily want to hear about their fishing.

    Honestly, there are friends who have let me down. They could be dominating this site, and quite frankly making it very active. But they choose not to. I would for them if they were owner. but whatever. I have too much to tend to to really worry about it. It is here for anyone who wants to use it.

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    Just came back to look after I guess 3 years. Got to be do bad with the trashing got tired of reading it. Hoping this time it gets back to the way it wa 10 years ago. Well see

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    Went out last weekend 3/25/18, testing new trolling motor. Went to the picnic island reefs with a couple dozen baby shrimp. Caught a bunch of sheepshead and a couple of mangrove snapper(small). 5 sheepshead were at 14in & 15in. All released. Nice mackerel caught on gold spoon around Culbreth flats.

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