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    I asked this question on another forum maybe ill have more luck getting help here.

    Hi guys, my 2 girls have been wanting to go fishing. right now we are land bound so I took them twice over the last weekend and they are very into it. We fished off the new kayak launch in tarpon at the spray park.

    We used a popping cork with live shrimp with no bites at all. so my question is this.
    we hook the shrimp with no jig head or weight is that correct way to fish it. and also when they pop it should they retrieve it or just let it sit in water. I say they because I didn’t fish I was helping them learn to cast and fish.

    any help would be great I only have them on weekends so time is always limited and even though they didn’t even get a nibble they were into it and fished for a good 2 hours each day and would like to keep them interested its a great way to spend time with them.


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    It sounds like you may need to choose a new location.     I can tell you, as a guy who started out wade fishing.   You can do it on foot successfully but you need to choose wisely.

    The bait thing.    I don’t use it.  Shrimp are easy.    But y0u may want to consider a more durable bait.   “The Pinfish Factor”, you can go through a lot of shrimp in a hurry and not catch anything.   The solution:  Use small hooks, catch the pinfish and use those for bait.     Solution #2:   Creek chubs.   If you have a castnet, you can get these and they are a  top bait.     This is to make it easier on you too.   With pinfish or tiger minnows you won’t have to bait hooks as often and even maybe get to do more fishing yourself.

    To me, changing the bait might be a good idea.
    Location:    Dunedin Causeway is a good choice.     Almost due south of the bathroom you can walk out and either cast to deep grass or even cast into the boat channel.   There is pretty much always something to catch there.     Lots of quality grass on the north side of the causeway.   I would stick to areas closer to the drawbridge.

    If you want to drive farther I have other places.   But you said Tarpon so I thought this might be a good one for you to try.

    I hope it works out for you!

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    Thanks for the reply. I will try taking them to the causeway this weekend.

    Ill get some pin fish and have them cast to the channel and the grass.

    what is the best way for me to have them fish it, under popping float or just a hook.

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    You can tail hook them and they will swim down.    Or you can hook them through the chin and add a split shot or two to keep them down

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