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    Capt. Pat Damico
    Capt. Pat Damico

    Any reports on using circle hooks on your favorite fly pattern?

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    I tried it with clousers and it didn’t work…not enough shank…I’m thinking it might work for Carpet Crabs or maybe an inverted pattern like a bendback…

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    I use them when possible on ‘short’ patterns. The only time I feel they have let me down is on fast-strikers like ladyfish, though I’ve had good results on Spanish. One pattern I tie uses them and I’m happy with the results.

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    Evan Jones

    Circle hooks on flies seems not only unnecessary but perhaps even counterproductive. The purpose of a circle hook is to keep fish from swallowing bait. Not really a problem on fly, given that the fish don’t “chew” on the fly like they do bait. Besides, you should be setting the hook as soon as they bite the fly anyway. Since circle hooks aren’t designed to be “set”, makes me wonder why any fly angler would use them (?).

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    Because they work and conveniently hook up in the corner of the mouth without having to set the hook, which isn’t a bad thing, just not needed with them. Their shape also imparts a different action than J-hooks, especially when tied point-up.

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    Bob Riggins
    Bob Riggins

    I’m not a fan of circle hooks on flies. They are designed for bait. The idea is that the fish will take the bait, hold it in their mouth and when the line becomes taunt, it will pull the fishes head around, pull the hook up to their lip and hook up there. You have to look at the hook, which has the tip of the point pointing straight toward the shank, and visualise how it penetrates the fishes mouth as it is pulling its head around and pulling out of its mouth.

    Now, how may fish will hold a fly in its mouth that long. There are some fast striking fish that will, but a lot of inshore fish simply spit it out. So, if you have luck with circle hooks on flies, have at it, but they were not designed for that application.

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    I use circle hooks almost exclusively for my spoon flies, EP Minnows, Clousers, nymphs, mayflies, etc. I find they hook-up and hold well. Fish DO take flies deep…very deep on occasion. The circle hooks work quite well IF you know how to use them.

    Studies show a better recovery rate using circle hooks. I’ve gut hooked countless fish on J hooks. I don’t like it.

    I mash the barbs on all my hooks anyway…flies, plugs, spoons, etc. I take fish home occasionally, but return most to the water. I hope they would survive better with my choice of hook.

    Hope this helps. This is not a rant and I do use J hooks, but if I can get away with a circle hook, that’s my first choice. I haven’t had 3 other people agree with me in years, but that’s ok.

    Grandoug…they do make a long shank circle hook. I caught my largest red (43″) on a long shank circle hook EP minnow.

    Best regards

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    Didn’t know that, thanks, dd

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    wow that is a touchy subject amongst tiers and fly fisherman alike. i seen that some ppl didnt like the circle for the fast strikers. yet i find it sets automtically at times on mackeral, kings, bonita and dock snook. its not for every fly but can be an effective tool at times. ive done them on polar minnows, (bobs) spoon fly, and a few beach snook flies(which couldnt be tested this year!). i will say that for tarpon it has worked wonders on the 15# and under fish due to the fast side swiping take. yet the redfish on things like kwans tend to hold and not move after striking alot of times making me natural try to side set and im 0 for 9 and have given up. its a touch each their own thing!

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