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    Looking to ride out this 48 hour snow storm. A foot-plus projected. Tuesday-Thursday i was up to one of my favorite high-prairy lakes famous for its oversized ice-out rainbows and cutthroats. They cruise the dropoffs 10-30 feet out looking for spawning sites, and warm, oxygenated water. Its really cold at 9600 feet, and the water lines in my camper froze two nights. Almost as bad as the physical discomfort, its a real pain in the adz when you have to constantly free your flyrod guides of ice.

    Got skunked Tuesday, and averaged a meagre one or so an hour. But…All over 20″, except for some recent stockies. Plus two beautiful cutties over 24″. I would guess the average guy did better than that over that period–at least for numbers, but i tend to shun the crowded, known, honey holes. Artificials only,and about 2/3 of the anglers are fly fishers. You can keep one over 20″, but I saw not a single fish killed.

    Here’s a 25″ cutty. It is 28′ as this pic is taken. (Gotta learn that arms-outstretched-pose thing.) Cant wait to do it again next week, snow permitting.

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    That’s a nice cutty!  Saw a video yesterday of all that snow!

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    Yep. We got 23″ (I’m west of Denver, and 1000 feet higher)., and the lake I fished last week will be locked in for about a week.

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    David Haubert

    Know South Park well and fish that lake weekly. Can’t wait for the hatches to start– big fish on drys……oh yea….

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