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    Doesn’t look like it will be close enough to do that much to us.     Rain?   Will we be close enough to get bands of rain?      Maybe.

    My plans to fish today or tomorrow were put off because of the wind forecast.    The, the actual wind, we could have gone.      Forecast at 30.   There’s a breeze but it wouldn’t have been bad.        Tied another 80 teasers.    Sold zero teasers.     How many I have grows.   Another 300 hooks are on their way.    After I tie these ones, I’m going to retire from it for a while.   I could sell them good for five years and I’m not going to run out.

    A new doctor.    I am hoping that this guy can help me with something.    My energy has been off for over a year.    This guy is working on it.      Three vitamins.      16 blood tests done this morning.

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