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    Finally the most dismal fishing day in recent history.

    It was bad.

    It was really bad.

    I couldn’t believe it:  An hour and a half without a strike.     Two days earlier:  30 fish in the same time frame.    Three fish caught (all by me which makes it worse).   Three catfish.    Hit by a storm I told the guy we were hanging it up and I would be bringing him out again.

    Rarely this has been the situation..   No charge and we go again.   Every time, the “go again” trip has gone well,    I did all the work but I made no money today.    So it goes as a fishing guide.   Other guys won’t do it the way I do.   I can’t justify someone paying for what happened today.

    It was dismal.    It was dreadful.   Why?   Not sure.     Red tide not far away I never sneezed     I will sneeze if it is there.   No fish in stress.    I don’t know why but there was just nothing there to catch.

    Always makes it interesting.   What do I do with the next trip?    Go and hope it is back to normal?   Postpone??     Well, that will be decided in the next 24 hours.

    Got hit by a storm at 9:30.    High wind.   We went to an island and sat it out.    When it was over we just left.     I was home by 10:45.      A short day but it was really a drag.       Curious how people will do tomorrow.

    I’m not going but I know some people who are.

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