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    So, I like to eat.    I think that is a big one in living.       Oh, a great meal, what more is there?

    Another one:   Beautiful women.    I met one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life today.    She wanted to talk to me because she has never caught a fish.      Her husband was friendly.     He is already a fisherman and does pretty well.   He has just never gotten her into it.

    I talked to them for an hour.     I did my thing.   I get people into the sport.   It is my job as a guide.     I got her believing that she can catch a fish and will have fun doing it.    So at the end of it I said “Are there any ugly people that want to catch a fish.”   She just stared at me.   Her husband put his hand out to shake it.     I told him “In my younger years I would be jealous of you.   Now, I am but an admirer.”    He said “I go to bed happy.   I wake up happy.    I’ve never seen anything like her.”   I said “That makes two of us.     He laughed.       She took my hand with both her hands.    She had so much fun talking fishing.

    She said “I will make sure we see you again.     I will go along when we book you to take visitors fishing.         She was so friendly.      So I gave her some lures.   I actually gave her a lot of lures.      She said “My husband is going to steal these.”    I told her I could always give her more.

    There really are a lot of positive people in the world.   Some of them are good looking.   Some of them are really good looking.     I almost told this woman not to go fishing to keep her out of the sun.    Her skin, perfect.    But she had the whole look.   How often do you look at someone and say “they have really nice teeth.”

    I made a comment about hoping she had a sister.     Turns out she does.    She said “I wouldn’t set up my sister with a bad guy.       She is good looking and she dwells on it.”   I’m sitting there thinking *this woman has a sister she thinks is good looking, I’ve gotta see that.*         Anyway, I told her it didn’t matter so much because I have a new girlfriend.      She said “Of course you do.”   She was shocked when I told her it had been years.    I passed my prime.      I got old.      The new girlfriend will be a part of the regularity on here.       She is arriving in Florida in four days

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