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    Lurkers galore.    The feedback from posts has been significant.   Some will start to post again.     This is now the Neil Blog.

    Leaving Facebook was a pure function of disagreement with how they handled peoples’ personal information.    Had I used a fake email address to begin with maybe I wouldn’t have cared.      It is six weeks and I don’t miss it.

    The daily routine, a lot of fishing.     That will be part of it.     General thoughts on life, a new daily part of this Forum from now on.

    My father:   A huge change in my life.  Amazing the other things that led to.     Other things I won’t delve into, some really interesting stuff.     People who are in the wrong job abusing people that help them.    It is funny and sad at the same time.

    A lull in the schedule, May was like March.    I had a great schedule.   A small break and then right back into it.

    An interesting time of year this rain is great.   I’m from Arizona.    So little rain I still enjoy seeing it fall.    June is when it really starts but this pattern right now is really good.

    Buying a house, the same time my father declined:  I have so much going on in this yard I really embrace the rain.    The Pub family bought me a lemon tree.   It is planted and has about 30 little fruits growing.       I have chain link all around the place.    I waited for five weeks on a delivery that half of it arrived today.   Seeds.   For Jasmine plants.   Horticultural Neil has started the seeds.    A first for me, I’ll see how it goes.

    Passion flower will also be put in along the chain link.     100 seeds total of the Jasmine, I’m hoping they do well and I have them all over the property in a month.   My research:  Start them inside, plant them after three weeks of growing time inside.     That has started.

    Kayak Fishing Skool is this Thursday.    I didn’t promote it as well the past twelve months but attendance grows every month and we are back to 30 people or more every session.     My sponsors provide stuff to support the raffle.   Everyone leaves with something.

    The future of the house, very interesting.    Parties will ensue.     My handyman Mike, when he finishes his current projects building the deck in the side yard.   Installing a door to connect the kitchen to the deck easier.      Several other minor projects.     I will be pouring some concrete with days off.    Every day is progress.

    The things people don’t know:    The things that are most interesting.     One day it will be public knowledge.    The stories are fascinating.    My life is excellent.

    Stay tuned.

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