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    Ah, the things we have to do in life.

    It’s my fault.    Four months ago I got a new phone.   Needed it.    The phone I had was just bad.    Third one in a row that I didn’t like (the first two of these smart phones that I had were fantastic.    The next three were awful).

    So, I don’t zip up my pocket while working on seaweed at a launch, the phone falls out in the water.    A month old.     Supposed to be a really good phone.      Go in to Sprint.    I have the insurance.    The give me a phone to “use” until I get a replacement.    I call the insurance people, a separate company.      They say I can’t do anything because I didn’t have the insurance until that day.      So, basically, I just keep the phone they got me.    Well, it’s not great.     People fade out and I can’t hear them.   Almost every phone call.    I went in today, they don’t have any suggestions to correct the problem.       I went over the whole thing with the guy and he said “That was me.   I remember you now.   They denied the claim?”    Yes.     So he says “Call them again and ask for a supervisor.   Give them my name.      I’ll tell them you had insurance for 20 years. ”

    Tomorrow’s project.     Three months later.

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