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    You have to show ID when you make a cash deposit

    The guy asked for it.    I said “Really?”   He said “yeah, imagine that.    Your deposit slip.   Your money and we have to see your ID now.”

    Something else that doesn’t get easier.    I’m just putting money in your bank.   You have to see who I am to do that?

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    Witnessed some exceptionally bad driving on that trip.

    People on bicycles where I’m surprised they haven’t been on the news.    If you ask me, pretty gutsy to ride a bike in the street around here.     I wouldn’t.    But I guess some people choose to do so.    You look at the number of bad drivers, you just wonder how anyone would decide to ride a bicycle in traffic.      You are taking a major risk, no question about it.

    Not me.       Good luck to you.

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