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    Neil Taylor
    Neil Taylor

    Follow these instructions to reset your password. If you are a current member, you must do this the first time you visit the new site. If you would like to join the forum for the first time, just click the “join button” where you would normally log in.

    1.) Click the lost password button right under where you would log in at.


    2.) Enter your user name or email address (the one associated with your forum account).


    3.) Then go check your email (if you do not see it, wait a couple of minutes or check your spam folder). Click the link to reset your password.


    4.) A window will open up, promoting you to create a new password. The message telling you what you can use as a password is just a suggestion. You should be able to set your password to just about anything you want.



    5.) Go log in with your user name and your new password.


    If you are having trouble with this, or if the email address associated with your account is no longer valid. Please contact us to help you reset your password.

    Please attempt following these instructions prior to emailing us.


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    ALL members will need to CHANGE THEIR PASSWORDS.
    Of course, this may present a ‘catch 22’ situation for those whose email address is not recognized. Many ‘old timers’ will probably run into this problem.
    Please contact us for assistance.
    VERY IMPORTANT: If you email Livelybaits for help, PLEASE be sure to include your USERNAME, so that we can find you on our members list.

    Also, in your PROFILE, there is an option to display your username OR your real name. I assume we all want to be recognized by our usernames, so check that your profile is set to that option.

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    The NSA password requirement is not as stringent as this site. This is a fishing forum Neil. What’s up with special characters that I’ll never remember.




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      Those are just suggestions that are built into the system. I was able to reset a password with a test account using nothing but a normal word with no special characters.

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    How do I post pictures using photobucket link. Old way doesn’t work anymore.


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