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    I’m just a little too far out of it.    My picks weren’t bad but four people picked really well.    The games going on right now are big.    One guy picked three games different than everyone else.     Susan and Wanda are in it.     Susan needs Arizona.    Shawnee, in a tiebreaker with Susan if Arizona wins.     Wanda has the picks I made.     It will be interesting.

    Week 6, tougher to pick.    In my opini0n    Those games are tough to pick.

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    Tennessee and Baltimore killed me.    They both score one more time and I’m in first place.

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    The Eagles won a Super Bowl?

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    the afternoon games are huge.   Minnesota is about to beat Philadelphia.      Arizona is up late in the 4th quarter.     One guy benefits from Minnesota.   Two ladies have Arizona but have Philadelphia.      Looks like a tiebreaker for Monday night.

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