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    The driveway widened with 40 more pavers.    Went and got them and laid them down.     My guy will have to reset them because they are not level.   I dug too much dirt out.   He’ll fix it in 10 minutes.   Now the driveway is how I want it.    I’ll frame off another 12 foot by 30 foot area with planks and dig it the rest of the way out.    Shell will go in there.   The kayak trailer will sit on top of the shell.      Everything is making the place look nicer.    Next projects are inside.      Outside:   Mike will install a roof, put in a hose outlet in the front and install a door from the house to lead to the deck in the side yard.     These projects are on the horizon.      Back to fishing five of the next six days.     Better to make money than spend money.

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