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    what’s the best ramp for access and parking near honeymoon
    I used to use the dirt ramp but no longer have a 4×4
    looking to hit the water Friday

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    Palm Harbor Resort..The County bought it.. Pop Stansel..but it’s dirt.

    If you want to pay $10..Speckled Trout or Marinos

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    boat is 17ft hate to pay 10 bucks just to launch
    hows the parking at dunedin marina?
    i’m taking the wife and she’s not an earlybird

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    Dave Hall

    Well the last time I was at Dunedin marina you had to be a resident to launch (around 10 yrs or so ago so I never went back) you might want to check that first.

    Good luck

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    Lucy Perez

    I don’t mind paying 10 bucks at Merinos. Best low water ramp. Problem is you can’t have access to it on the weekends. Members only. Merino’s will not allow you to power up on the trailer.

    Speckled trout is OK, accessible all the time, but at low tides it has a pretty bad hole at the bottom were jamokes power up on to their trailer.

    Palm Harbor is OK. You have to pay to play there as well. Limited parking on the weekends.

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    If you are willing to run a bit, I like Anclote River Park. You can stop near Fred Howard Park and pick up bait…

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    Lucy Perez

    Anclote is a nice ramp. I believe they charge 5 bucks.

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    is anclote river park the one with the tidal flow challenge? I was told that one ramp up there was difficult to launch from.

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    Lucy Perez

    Big current at times on the anclote ramp.

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    D Evanoff

    I sometimes go out of Sunset Beach park just south of Fred Howard its a dirt ramp but has a deep drop off on low tide. On high tide the water sometimes makes it difficult to on/off load unless you don’t mind driving your truck into the saltwater a ways. It also costs $25.00 yearly. You have to buy the pass at city of Tarpon. If you decide to go out of Anclote Park (weekends mostly) be prepared to put up with a lot of current and some crazy boaters who don’t have a lot of patience or common sense.

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    Anclote’s a $5 charge to launch also. Current only rips on incoming tides now that the power plant switched away from the water cooling.

    It’s not really “near” Honeymoon either. You’ll spend more in gas running south than you will to pay $10 for Marino’s.

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    I launch at Dunedin Marina all the time. Sutherlands Bayou in Plam Harbor is also good. Seminole Boat Ramp in Clearwater, and Ancolote Park. Sunset Beach …you have to contact the city to get a parking permit…a pain.

    Hope this helps

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