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    I’m so fortunate to have you as a resource.      I don’t do much computer stuff so I hope you don’t mind this by email (I have my wife type them for me)

    So, I got a fishing kayak.   It doesn’t have a trolley.   I would say I am doing all right with anchoring but I just wondered if the trolley is a “must have” ?      I read some of your stuff on trolleys, from the Times to your own article.

    Should I invest and have it put on?   Will it benefit me that much.

    Thank you Mr Taylor.   You are one of my favorites for a LOT of years now.

    Clyde W.

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    My pleasure.   hey, not a hardfast answer.      You can achieve most of what the trolley does by just clipping your anchor rope off to the rear handle of your kayak.     Most of the time that would be where you would “trolley to”

    The trolley makes it easier.   Easier when you want to move.    Easier to adjust your angle if you want to turn.

    Fishing from a kayak, the more you do straight off the bow the better.    The trolley allows the anchor to go different angles off the boat which changes the direction the boat is facing.      There are some advantages there.

    So.   I would do it.    You are into it, add the hardware.    Not expensive I think the most expensive component is the pulley.   Even that is only twelve bucks.        You can get away without, but it is a nice item to have.

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