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    Not the information I would like to see.    The tv news is about the best way to get an update.     I haven’t figured out what has happened in the last three days.   Is it weakening?    Is it moving back south?    It was lurking at the mouth of Tampa Bay with a fish kill at Anna Maria.     Not good.    I was personally hoping for a hurricane, one that would go right through Sarasota.     Of course that hasn’t happened.

    The reports, not always that reliable.   The lady doing the story just now talked about “Mott” when they had a guy from “Mote.”    Just kind of shook my head.

    I have a meeting with an FWC employee at the end of this week.   The talk will most likely be about snook because the Commission has been getting an email a week from me and dozens of emails from my contacts telling them not to reopen in September.    They have said nothing.   So.   Are they going to open it?    If they do, there is trouble coming.    After this meeting I have I will make that clear.

    Red tide killed a bunch of the snook we had on the Gulf coast.    Those guys were luckier than we are.   They had snook.   The January weather and this red tide event have set the species back another five years.       The snook that are left, most have to pass through slot size.    Allowing harvest is a major error.   An error they have already made will they be stupid enough to do it again?     In less than three weeks we will find out.

    I encourage you to speak up.   What do you want?   Do you want to kill our future and take them home?   Or do you want to have large snook back to catch and release?       I can tell you that two guys who were big harvest supporters have changed position.   One of the two said he was in error before.     The other guy has said, like me, he will never keep one again.   This is a guy I took out and caught how to catch pompano.     Good at it, that’s what he eats.    He would like to see snook go back to what they once were:  To be able to easily catch a big one for a photo and then let it go.

    The world is a funny place.    My father used to say “If you were in charge things would work right.”     When I fought the state on snook five years ago he told me not to waste my time.      A thousand hours on it and two big meetings with the state, the state admitted they made errors.     My father said “I told your mother this would happen.”   I said “you told me not to bother.”    I will never forget it.   He said “I told her you would win because you don’t give up AND you were right.”

    I told him it didn’t change anything.    He said “Yeah but I’ll bet moving forward they are going to listen to you.    You proved that you are an expert.   You proved that you are doing things for one reason:   Because it is the right thing to do.”   I said, yes sir.     He gave his vote of approval and coming from my father that pretty much made my life complete.  He is the only one I really cared what he thought about me.      He was a genius.     He was a very nice man.

    Five months now without him, I am still adjusting.     Fishing at his favorite spot six days a week I can’t get away from thinking about his life.     Paddling by where he would stand 8 hours a day it still is odd to me that he will never be there again.   He loved it.    He had thousands of hours of enjoyment right there.    I taught him things.   That led to good catches and just generally a lot of fun for the guy.      He enjoyed those days.     Even when things got tougher he still had fun doing it.

    The red tide:  What is going to happen?

    The discussion at the Pub, Jimmy wanted to know if they are even trying anything.   I said no.   He asked what I would do.    I said I would have barges with commercial ice makers and I would be dumping millions of pounds of ice into the water where the bloom measured the highest.      Just ice it won’t hurt anything.   Would it work?   I don’t know but I believe it would be worth trying.

    You can’t tell me that the barge thing:  There aren’t water filtration machines that they could try cleaning that water.    It wouldn’t kill the whole thing but would it make the overall effect less?       Seriously.   It is 2018.   We can’t try anything??


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