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    Thrust in my face.    I did nothing.    This was probably 20 years ago.     Had I made an effort, where would I be?    Instead:   She is dead by suicide.      Someone some of you would know but I’m leaving her name out of it.

    I see a number of situations and see the outcome and I wonder, what if I was in their life, would that be enough to break out of the cataclysm of some of these peoples’ lives.     I’ve never been suicidal.   And there have been times where things weren’t great.

    This one:   She was cute.    I was sorry I didn’t try.   Even if I was just her friend until she got through it.      But.     I passed.    She killed herself.   I guess I can think on it.    I have to live with it.    The side stories are actually interesting.

    She was a talent too.      What she would have done still alive, would have been something everyone would have had to enjoy.       I made my choices.   She made hers.     If I had been bolder, my life may have been different.      I let it pass.    It is one of the things I will wonder about until I die.

    Waltz back into my life.   Like it’s all going to be all right.

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    My other regret in life.   I never learned sign language.   Every day.   Every single day:  I think about making hand gestures to talk to someone.     I wonder if I can predict the gesture for the word.       I would have liked to learn how to speak with people who are deaf.

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