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    The article pretty much sums it up.

    My thoughts on this one are pretty simple:  If you are good at fishing and you aren’t taking kids out when you have the chance, you are cheating yourself.

    I had a good one last week. .   Kid’s been doing it with his Dad.  After what I taught him, he will catch more fish the rest of his life.

    The next mission:  A kid named Sailor.     I’m friends with him Mom.     The kid’s dying to get in on some fishing.     We had a failed attempt two weeks ago.   Wasn’t anyone’s fault, we just didn’t get him out.   Now, school’s started.      We will figure it out.

    Kids are generally more excited about it than we are.     And a lot of us are pretty psyched about fishing.

    Take a kid fishing.   It’s worth it

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