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    Pretty much everyone involved this year said they will be in it again next year.

    Perhaps I will enlist more people to promote it.    Get it back to 180 people like it has been in the past.

    There will be a couple of changes.     The Fly Division.   Wide open “use your own flies” for one year.     We will probably still provide a couple but it eases things on me if I don’t have to fill the fly boxes for one year.

    The Ladies division has grown.   More and more, the ladies want to get into fishing and they really enjoy the event.    I would like to see the number of ladies continue to increase.

    Sponsors will also go up.     I had a couple of companies not come through for various reasons.   Some legit.   Some are just growing pain type things.   I did some juggling to involve companies that were dragging their feet.   Again, kind of my failure to not work harder on certain things.    There are only so many hours in a day but I could have worked harder at it.    I have enough people willing to help we will get on some of this stuff much better and earlier.    But sponsor support was excellent.

    We went HEAVY on prizes for winners this year but still had a large raffle.

    The most growth I would like to see is in the Junior division.     I am going to drop the entry fee to $20 for Juniors.   It will likely remain at $30 for all over divisions.       Keep the bonus species flounder.   Keep the overall pool.     We will continue to get the great prints for the biggest redfish and trout caught on tournament day.    That is a great added bonus.

    I saved money on trophies this year by using what I had left over from last year.

    The charity will remain the same.    Rick was so close to Mel it is a great fit.     There are some things happening where we will have people “matching” the amount of money generated for the charity.      My accounting pretty much done, we raised $1100 for Suncoast Animal League.

    I had a couple of people not in the event donate.      The Adventurous Woman club made a $250 donation all of which went to the charity.    I was going to use part of it to pay for some stuff I set up.    As it turned out I didn’t need to put those items in the event so that money all goes to Rick.

    I figure the number of participants will go up every year.    The amount for payouts and the charity should also rise.

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    Check in is probably going to change.   I will talk about that in detail as we near the next event.     Instead of a number you are going to get a token.   You will be required to return your token and check in when you get to the Fat Cat Tavern.      The tokens will probably have the number on it.    It is an extra step we have talked about.   Our judges are outstanding but we are trying to make their job easier.

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