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    Day 3 was a bust, aside from a huge school of ladyfish he exercised.    It was a redfish trip.   It was a failure.    They just weren’t there, an area where I used to see 1000 redfish every time I went there.

    Day 4 was a success.    Finally, improved action in this location, a place I had given up on.    Big trout.   Not a ton of trout.   The bite wasn’t impressive but the fish were.     I caught two trout that were pushing 30 inches.   Released, I don’t kill big trout.   The rest of the ones we got were challenging 20 inches.     And fat.

    The 12 Fathom SlamR.     Par for the course, John wanted to go try a spot, so I sent him off.   He left and the bite turned on.   Had he stayed he might have caught one of those world class trout.    They were the two biggest trout I’ve seen in probably four years.

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    J.A. Veil

    I’m sorry that I missed out on those jumbo trout.  However, I was happy with this 21″ trout I caught that joined us for dinner last night.  We don’t get many speckled trout anymore in the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay, and those we do find are often little guys.

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