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    Tony Prevatt

    So I took my boat in to the shop to get my switchbox fixed and the mechanic said I have an exhaust leak. He said she runs fine with the cowling off but runs like crap with it on. He said it will be around $400 to fix because they will have to pull of the powerhead. I am tired of pouring money into this crappy Force motor and would rather save some $$ to repower or buy a new boat.

    My question is if I still use the boat and run it with the cowling off until I get a new motor will I cause more damage?

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    It depends on the model of the motor. More than likely not. My guess is you have a Mercury.

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    Not sure if it will run worse with it off. I would think it would effect something because the air intake is designed to have the cover on.
    I also imagine the increased exposure to saltwater will accelerate corrosion and make things worse down the road.
    Can you see the exhaust leak? Perhaps you could plug/seal it yourself?

    If it was me, and I planned on replacing the motor anyways, I would run it till it dies and save cash to buy a new one. Work second job etc..

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    Tony Prevatt
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    Just hurry up and get rid of that Force.

    Go Merc… ♥

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