So you want to be a better angler?  Well join the club? 

Frederick D Rambo III, President Orlando Kayak Fishing Club

Really, join a club and surround yourself with like minded folks, opportunities for learning, outings, and other experienced members who have a passion for the sport and a spirit to share techniques, skills and maybe even a special spot or two.  Before long you’ll be the one with experiences and adventures to share!

Our own no dues Orlando Kayak Fishing Club was founded in 2007 by Kirk Dunaway to create a paddle fishing community.  His dream of bringing together people passionate about paddling, angling and our resources was twofold;

First, what takes an angler years to learn by trial and error alone can be gleaned in a much shorter period when we can network with the saltier members of the fishing community.  There are a lot of people out there that have been doing it longer or more successfully that have a willingness to share.  This makes agree a great pairing for people just coming into this fast growing sport.  In this type of partnership, we all have something to offer or learn.

Second, everyone should be able to hook up with a partner for fishing.  There is safety in numbers and there is always something new to be learned, an experience shared or a new way of doing something.  Plus, your fish pictures will look much better when you are actually in them thanks to your wingman/woman holding the camera!

Since our founding with a hand-full of passionate anglers, the club has expand to one of the largest clubs in central Florida with over 800 members of all experience levels from professional guides to those simply contemplating their first kayak purchase or adventure.  Our community connection does not stop at our own membership but is interwoven with other Florida clubs, municipalities, parks, local businesses, law enforcement and many non profit organizations.  With so many connection and partners we have been able to keep the club free of dues or heavy advertising, offer opportunities for cleanups in the MINWR, host seminars with some of the best speakers in the sport, and even round up swans for the city of Orlando every year.  We also host a family friendly community website  (G-rated) where anglers can connect with one another for fishing trips, exchange local knowledge, ask questions and offer fishing reports.

What really makes the Orlando Kayak Fishing Club special is its fantastic members and their willingness to support and share.  So, if you want to be a better angler or think you have something to offer, check out our community at

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