Frogg Togg Pilot Waders


Product Review – Frogg Toggs Pilot Waders

Here in Florida, we do not have to worry about cool water temperatures for most of the year. In the winter months, however, our water can dip into the low 50′s and even into the 40′s in some of our shallow lagoons. If you are fishing from a kayak or wading from your skiff, canoe, or simply from shore, you will need to have some waders to tolerate the cold water. I recently retired the pair of neoprene waders I owned for over 20 years and replaced them with a breathable pair of Frogg Toggs. While the neoprene certainly kept me warm, they were difficult to get on and off. They were also too hot on days when it warmed into the 70′s which it is likely to do on a Florida winter day.

The Pilot waders from Frogg Toggs are made from poly microfiber material that is both lightweight and breathable. They start at the bottom with 4mm neoprene feet which transition to reinforced material on the shins, knees and seat. The three chest pockets are both waterproof, which I found extremely useful, and large enough to carry all the equipment you will need. A safety belt doubles as a place to hook your kayak so you can tow it along while wade fishing.

On a recent kayak fishing trip, both the morning water and air temperatures were in the 50′s. While paddling long distances, I was glad not to have the cold water soaking me but was also sweating much less than I did with my old neoprene waders. By the days end, the water had warmed into the 60′s and the air was pushing 75. Even with the warmer temperatures, the breathable material allowed me to remain comfortable. I have worn both jeans and sweat pants as a base layer and have been comfortable with both.  Getting in and out of the Kayak throughout the day was also much simpler with the Frogg Toggs. With my old and tight nepoprenes, it was difficult to lift my leg high enough to get in.

If you are looking for a pair of breathable waders that will last you for years and provide excellent performance, check out the Frogg Toggs line. Perfect for Florida flats fishing during the cooler months. With the thin material, they pack small enough that you can travel with them on your trout and salmon fishing trips as well.