Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad


originally posted to Pro Angler’s Journal

The summer heat is upon us here in West Central Florida and I have been trying to find ways to cool down while tarpon fishing. I’ve bought a beach umbrella to put in a rod holder so I can catch some shade but the wind thwarts my efforts. It blows the thing inside out with any breeze over 10knts. My wife bought me a wide brim hat, which is nice and it helps with the sun, but it traps heat around my face when the wind isn’t blowing. She also bought me a spray bottle with a battery powered fan. That works great until you run out of fresh water or the batteries die.

I am happy to announce that I have found the end all to the heat problem. The other day I was standing in line at Dick’s Sporting Goods and they had this rack of Frogg Toggs Clilly Pads. I first thought, “Wow, they figured out that a wet towel will cool you off and now they are selling them for $14.99. I love gadgets and stuff but  I’m not that big of a sucker!” Then, I noticed that they had two of them hanging on a rack. So, I grabbed one. It was cold! Really cold!

So after I bought it I raced home and read the “directions” for this $15 towel I had just bought. It said to wash in a machine or rinse with hot water before initial use. Not sure why I had to do this but I rinsed it in hot water anyway. Within 2 minutes of drenching it in hot water and ringing it out, it was REALLY cold! My wife, who is 8 months pregnant, spent the rest of the night with it around her neck to cool her off. She had it for over an hour without re-hydrating it and it was still very cold.

I know it works on evaporation but there’s got to be more to it than that simple principle. I can’t wrap my mind around how they do it but I’ve got to tell you. This is the best $15 I’ve ever spent on a “boat gadget”. Tarpon fishing in the middle of summer, in the middle of the day, in the middle of Florida feels like you’re in an oven. This thing knocks a serious dent in the oppressive heat. It’s worth every penny. If you spot one on a shelf in Dick’s or anywhere else, buy it. It gets two thumbs up, 5 stars and all the other accolades you can give a product in a product review from me. I’m buying 4 more this week so that all of my clients will be able to stay cool during this summer’s hot tarpon bite.