2020 has been a strange year.   The Captain Mel Classic:  Being rescheduled.    All the rules and just general common sense, we postponed the event.    Weather stopped Terrific Trout Tampa Bay twice so we opted to move it to November 14.   It went well. The Classic, delayed a full year, it gives sponsors more time to get things together.   Several of our sponsor companies are struggling a little which is unfortunate.   With everything going on, it might not be getting any better for them.

I bought custom buffs which will go to winners and into the raffle.    Got them in and so many people want them, I might have to reorder which is fine.   $10.

Everyone wants to go fishing.   Everyone wants to have events.    The Fat Cat Tavern, reopened.   Limited but they are back open.    I don’t think we could have the event there now if we wanted to.     Again:  Delaying long enough we should be in the clear and we can have The Captain Mel Classic again. 

The Classic, modified format.    Redfish and trout but dropped combined inches.    Anyway, I crunched the numbers.      It pays out more this way.    Charity will remain.   

It will be fun when it happens.    I was kind of depressed.   I got things ready.   The joy for me is “having the tournament” means I get all this stuff out of my house.    I’ll survive.   I set up a ton of lure packs for the raffle.    The raffle is always big but the next Classic, it’s massive.    For Terrific Trout, no raffle.   For Terrific Trout it is primarily cash payouts.   I did not ask my sponsors for donations.    I’ll likely get some and those will go as prizes.   But, no raffle.    

Past winners:  Hoping to repeat.   New anglers, hoping to make their mark.   It is always fun.   You just never know who is going to win.    My events, guides are ineligible.    They can fish in it but only for bragging rights.   The payouts and prizes are for “the common guy” not the pros.    I am ineligible for my own events.    I believe it is the best part of our format.    Who gets lucky on tournament day??

Stay tuned.   As things wear on, I will work with the committee and we will get a date for the Classic reset.    Pretty much assume it is going to be next spring.   

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