Grouper still best target in 100-120 feet


Grouper fishing continues to be the best thing going in depths of 100-120 feet. Concentrate on contrasting bottom definition. Many anglers offshore typically look for huge bait shows when targeting red grouper, and though this technique will work, the bottom definition is more important. “Hard bottom” is a term thrown around often. Educating yourself on how your bottom machine reads density is about the most important key in finding fish offshore. Gain settings and range settings are also key features. Utilizing these components when scouring the bottom offshore allows you to zoom in on the structure, making it more detailed, to see exactly what type of bottom the fish are holding on. Remember that through March, all shallow-water grouper are closed to harvest seaward of the 20-fathom contour line. Spring conditions are here. Look for kingfish to become more concentrated in areas such as the shipping channel and various wrecks in depths of 50 feet or more. Tuna also will be making an appearance soon. Scattered reports from depths of more than 100 feet are starting to trickle in.

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