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Most of the time it has been really good.   A couple of days I’ve felt like a blind man trying to get out of a doorknob factory.   The Neil Blog is good because the other projects I am working on are so serious.    There are some things that require my attention.     I have answered the bell.

The next cold front, up to 3 inches of rain.     Strong storms are likely.   Interested to see.    The wind might ruin the first trip I have scheduled.   The next three look fine.     Update:  The front’s through.   It rained close to three inches.     Every bucket and garbage can I have is full of water.     It came down for eleven straight hours.   The wind:   I postponed three trips.    All three can be rescheduled so no big deal.   But the wind has been bad.

It’s the holidays again.   No kids.  No wife.   No problem.    The nieces and nephews are all grown.    Life is easy.

It is now up to like 300 people who have left Facebook by my example.     My email:   Most of what’s left of their damage is going to the Spam filter.    I spent months “unsubscribing” from all these companies sending me emails even though I didn’t give them my email address.      Maybe you don’t care.      I’m offended.      My email address is my property.   I don’t want to get emails from anyone I didn’t approve.      I think the owner of Facebook is an idiot.     Their stock, plummeting.   Their participation, dwindling.   I keep waiting for someone to invent the new Face Book.

My neighbors are getting with the program.     I was sorry to hear one of the old timers I met and saw regularly passed.    The other guy he ran with, so sick, he can’t go out anymore.      I guess that’s the way it goes.    Those guys:   Old.     Anyway, the world keeps spinning.     One day it will be me gone.   And nothing will change.     I enjoyed those guys stopping by.    That might be over…    Change.

The back deck:  The new home of Kayak Fishing Skool.   A charcoal grill going in, I will have hot coals every month.   Hot dogs and people can bring anything else they want to cook out there.     Decorations for the wall of the house out there arrive later this week.    A canvas company, I did two big ones to test them out.   My Dad with his last snook.     My favorite umpiring photo.    Happy with how those came out I ordered ten more.   A mix of sizes.   Two of them will go out there on the wall under the roof.      Skool will get regenerated.     Big crowds again are inevitable.     Easy for me:  I won’t have to go anywhere.     Finished the shell around the deck just today.     That whole side yard is done.      Lots of parking.   My whole property is parking.    Invasive trees: Dead.    Cut down and poisoned so they’re gone.

The world is fascinating.    The sister of an ex-girlfriend just showed up at the house.    I didn’t remember meeting her but I probably did.     She was interesting.     She is somewhat stuck in the past.    In her opinion, when I was around her family was in its heyday.     She told me stuff and things are tough with them now.     I listened.   She talked a long time.     When she was done I took my time and I eventually said to her “It doesn’t sound like any of the problems have anything to do with you.”   She said, “That’s true.”     I didn’t say anything.    She looked at me.    She dropped her head like she was thinking.     Then she finally spoke, “I sure am glad I stopped by here.”     Her sister, I probably saw for about six months:   She is apparently all caught up in this divorce/custody battle debacle.

The world is fascinating?   Michelle Obama, bitched about rich people for eight years.   I heard it.   She’s wearing $4,000 boots.     Take your pick.   You hate rich people or:   You are rich people.    It’s not a big deal but I noted it.    I’m not political.    No question, those people, they’re not my kind of people.   Watching TV made me wonder what’s worse?    Listening to Megan McCain talk or looking at a photo of Chelsea Clinton….

The world is fascinating #3:    The president is being criticized for withdrawing troops from a war zone.    I quit.

Facsinating #4:   US soldier being charged with murder.   For killing a Taliban bomb maker.    In war conditions.    I wish Dad were around to hear his thoughts on this one.      They said he might get the death penalty.   For killing a guy that built and set off a bomb that killed US soldiers.    The guy comes back to America and gets treated like this?    There’s something wrong here.    Successfully, I got a message to this guy.   I haven’t heard back.   I sent my support.    As far as I’m concerned he can kill another 1000 bomb makers and I’ll be fine with it.

The good thing is my hockey team is in first place.      I became a fan last year.     Always liked it.   I watch every game now.    This team is strong.    Coming off a Canada trip, I’ll be able to watch the games again.   10:00 starts didn’t work for me.

The FWC has asked for input again.   That article has already been sent, I made an article out of my reply.   So, we all give our input and where does it get us?   Nowhere.   They get their best suggestions and data from the best stakeholders:   Then ignore it.     My input is a new article.    This one, speckled trout.   But I talk about snook and redfish.    Unpacking boxes, I got into old articles.    Articles about taking writers fishing.     Snook and redfish circling us.    Things that just don’t happen anymore.     It’s depressing.   Again:  this is back to that serious stuff I’m working on.    You will see more of that in other projects.

I have had lots of feedback on that one.     And the banter, I have told people:  Having good fishing is more important than someone being able to take a fish home.     I’m fine with a zero harvest for a while to see if we can’t turn this around.     Things are worse.    There is no arguing it.    People are to blame.

The schedule is decent.   The fishing is good.    I’m happy to be fairly busy at this time of year and getting trips in will probably have to do with how close to fronts we are.     It looks like a stormy winter for here.

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