On the near shore rocks and reefs are a variety of fish that anglers target. This time of year is the start of what I would call “salt water” panfishing. One of my favorites is the black sea bass. Sea bass or black fish as I grew up calling them are very good eating and fun to catch. Structure in 5 to 12 feet of water is the place’s to fish for sea bass but what I have found is that rocks that are holding gag grouper are not the most productive. I believe that the grouper will eat the small sea bass but on occasion some big sea bass will either follow up a caught grouper or hit a plug intended for grouper. Low profile rocks, those that are not high off the bottom and what I would describe as a “rubble pile” are the best places to start to catch a keeper sea bass. The best tackle is the same that an angler would use to target trout. Any jig that a trout would eat so will the sea bass , just remember to let it fall towards the bottom with a vertical retrieve.

 On the inshore trout bite I’ve been targeting rock flats that dot the bays south of the Homosassa River. On the high outgoing tide is the best bite. The rocks do have a yellow look to them, but if you are close enough to see the green type of sprouts growing on them then you are in the right area. A D.O.A. 5,5 glow jerk bait is the best bait for the shallow trout fishing. High incoming tide will be in the morning this weekend.