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It is supposed to be fun.    Fun can be interrupted.   Like with a hook in your hand.

The Pompano Jig and teaser:  That’s a multi-hook setup and you need to keep some things in mind.    You have a fish on, it is just on the one hook.   The second hook swinging free can easily get stuck in your hand.

But obviously that doesn’t have to be the case.    It came up again at my monthly seminar.   A guy with a pompano jig stuck in his hand.

Do it my way.   Don’t get a hook in your hand.     With everything in life there is technique.   The right technique eliminates “a hook in the hand.”

Suggestion #1:   Pliers.    The right tool for the job, pliers keeps your hands away from the hooks.     Pretty simple right?    This is true also for treble hook lures.     A quality pliers is a great investment.     Cheap pliers will rust.    A $35 set of pliers will last you for decades.

Suggestion #2:    Technique.   Neutralizing the hooks.     I learned this on my own after using the jig/teaser.      This can work for you when you don’t want to use pliers.     It is the way I do it.     You get a hold of the leader.     You take your other hand and slide it down to the hooks.    Squeeze the jig and teaser together between your thumb and forefinger.    Now, the second hook is not swinging free.   Grab the fish, remove the hook from the fish.   Go back to fishing.

I’m usually using 25-pound leader.    A quality leader helps.

Keep in mind.   Fish thrash.   If you are working on neutralizing the hooks and the fish thrashes just pull your hand back.   When the fish settles go back to work.

Go fishing and get it done without having to go to the hospital.

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