My third book, a collection of jokes and humor, now published is available.    The first two books are also still available.   “Kayak Fishing” and “Fishing Tampa Bay.”   The humor book was a collection of jokes and funny stories I collected over the years.    It is double the size of my first two books.    Cartoons are the illustrations.   Probably, fifteen years of collecting things that went into this one.    I put in the time in development.  

Writing is in my blood.    Books:  Inevitable, it took me until 2018 to publish one.   Now I’m up to three and there are two more coming.    This new one I say doesn’t count:   So much of it is other people’s “stuff.”     But funny stuff I chose for this particular format.   

This from one of the first book buyers, “I bought Neil’s fishing books.   They were excellent.     When he got me a printer’s proof copy of his new book, I was honored to be one of the first to get to see it.   I am not anywhere near finished with it.    I laugh and I laugh.   Neil’s humor is my kind of humor.    I’ll be buying this one to give to people.”

I don’t have that many comments because it is so new but here’s what I’ve heard so far: 

“Neil sent me the new book.    Unexpected.   He put together another good one.   His fishing books were excellent.   For the non-fisherman, you are going to want this one.   It is FUNNY.    Humor anyone can embrace really.   Not dirty humor.    Just funny stuff for sure.”  

“Neil is Neil.    If he does it, it’s good.    His first two books, on my coffee table for my fishing friends to pick up when they are here.    His humor book?   I bought extra copies for gifts for my non-fishing friends.    Neil is funny.   Most of it, not out of his head but things he saw and put in the book:    Good stuff.     If you don’t buy this one, you are missing out.”  

“If you get this one, you get years of entertainment.   I read part of it.  Then my wife got a hold of it and she’s been in it ever since.    It is masterful.    The stuff Neil saw over years went into this.    It is great.”

“Forgive the pun, but Neil hit a home-run.   This book is fun.    So many I had seen over the years and so many I hadn’t heard.    This is the best purchase of the year.” 

Live local:  Come by the house and have a beer.   Usually here, just set it up with me and I’ll be here for you to get your copy.  

My books, priced at $15 for each one.    $40 for all three.   Two for $25.     Add two bucks for shipping if I mail it to you.    For orders, email me at    If you want to do Paypal, use that same email address.   Send me a check:  2813 State Road 590, Clearwater, FL  33759.    Give me your address and I’ll get it right out to you.     Tell me which book(s).  

I didn’t do it for profit.   Profit is good.   But I would expect, people who get the books will be happy they got them.   Hey, buy a bunch of them.   I’ll retire!!

Neil,; 727-692-6345

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