Equality, women’s rights people.   Question for you:    Softball??    How come they don’t play baseball.   Just curious.   Not that it matters.    Curious what the response would be.   The men’s game:   University of Arizona wins the last eleven games of the season, don’t get picked.    Look at the teams that are in it.   What has happened to Arizona’s baseball program??    Their basketball program, I’ve stopped watching.    They keep Sean Miller as coach.   I wanted to see him gone years ago.   My mother, more sympathetic.   I won’t follow the program anymore.    

Anyway, speaking of women.   If Joe Biden is elected president he is going to get women to act right.  

Bernie Sanders, if elected, promises to stop talking altogether.

Hillary started a three-way lesbian thing with Pelosi and American Indian woman Elizabeth Warren.  

Neil Taylor if elected.   He will fix the whole world.  

Coming up on 50 and never married, I look to TV and can honestly say:  My standards were too high.   “Love after lockup”, these people are finding chicks in prison.   I wouldn’t go out with a woman if she wasn’t good with her credit cards.   I shake my head at the television programming.   Who is watching it?    If I was in charge it would be better shows.     I probably missed my calling.    I would have put out quality product in that industry.     My 600 Pound Life?     Do we really want to have insights to the fattest people of the world?   It’s bad enough we made fun of them and they didn’t even realize it (“The Biggest Loser.”   You win but you are the biggest loser in the world.   Not good.)     Mama June.    I watch those promos.    Why?    That is a real life tragedy.   Made her rich but she still can’t make her life right.    

Fishing, still not what it should be.    Now the reports are pouring in.   People want to know what’s wrong.   I don’t have the answers.     Things have been out of sorts since last year.     Silver trout, easy in wintertime:   Never arrived.     Pompano, loaded the last two years by now:  Nowhere to be seen.    Redfish were already bad.    Snook were already bad.     My theory is:  If humans are involved, it’s going to get screwed up.     It’s screwed up.    It’s our fault.     When will it get better?   Well, if pompano would come around things would be on the upswing but it just hasn’t happened.     Years of great pompano fishing, it just hasn’t happened this year.     And I don’t know why.   

My efforts are ramping up.    I don’t have a lobby.   My insiders have all told me I need to hire a lobbying company to handle it.    That suggestion has come up a number of times.   I am trying it as a citizen.   Honestly, if I can’t get it done on my own, there is a problem with the system.   I have how many thousand people behind me?    It is just plain the right thing to do.    All these other people in the industry that don’t say a thing:   No respect.   None.   

My efforts have accelerated.   I’m pretty close to breaking some windows.   They have pretty much given me no choice.   Odds are this one end unless I talk to the governor.    If I don’t, high odds I’m selling my house and leaving this state.    The fishing has to be better than this.    I’ll go to coastal Texas and start over if I have to.   If Florida won’t meet me in the middle, I’ll be finished with Florida.     Texas takes care of their state.   I’m probably better off there anyway.    Most people don’t know it:  I was born there.  

June means the glut of summer has started.    May wasn’t bad overall.   Some years summer starts in May.    I’d say May overall was pretty decent.    But it’s hot now.     It will be like this until October.   First day of hurricane season:   One forming off Mexico.   Tropical possibilities the track is Texas/Louisiana but I saw one forecast track where it hits the panhandle of Florida.    Whatever the case:   We need the rain.   It hasn’t rained in two full weeks.    Unusual for this time of year.    It is time.    Five days of steady rain, the yard is happier.    It is healthy for everything.   I am hoping it helps this problem we have with our fishing.  

Speaking.    Fat Cat Tavern Club meeting.   The 2020 Classic, April 25.    The Fat Cat club meets the second Wednesday of the month which is the 12th this month.   Which has now passed.   About 40 people.     I got on my soapbox.     Biggest winners this year:   The Fat Cat people.     Funny how that is my host site and almost no one from that club participates.     Overall bait chuckers they aren’t lure users so they don’t opt in.    

It is amazing.   I have 200 channels on TV and there is never anything good to watch.     I did see a great new show name.    Lawn and Order.      Surprised no lawsuit over the naming of that one.   Haven’t seen the show.   Thought the show title was pretty good.  

The internet news.   Angel Hernandez misses call.   Angel Hernandez is a terrible umpire.    They connect a video.  I click on the video and the call they say he missed…..is correct.     Three times in a week.   They single out Angel.   Three times:   They give evidence to the contrary.    I don’t get it.    I see almost the same thing with the president.    Let’s impeach him.   For what?   Because you just don’t like him?   It doesn’t work like that.   I watched his D Day speech.   Later that same night this woman was bashing his speech.   I asked, “Did you watch it?”   Well, not really.   I watched it.   He showed great respect.    It was a good speech.    People can’t see through their own biases.     

Life:  Getting lectured by people.   “All those pictures, and you are never wearing a life vest.”   That’s correct.    You don’t have to wear the life vest.   I will never wear the life vest.    To be legal it has to be on the boat.   If a situation came up, I can put it on because it is always within arms reach.   I haven’t had to put one on in 19 years.      People don’t know.   90% of where I am is three feet deep or less.   Something happens and I end up in the water.   Well, I’d just stand up.    The do-gooders want to make it a criticism.   I’m setting a bad example, blah blah blah.   There are places you should wear it.   That is up to you to know.   I won’t be wearing mine.    Ever.   

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