St Petersburg Reports

By Captain George Hastick
October 20, 2014

Early morning as the sun comes up the baitfish have been very active along with all the predator fish below them feeding. The baitfish are getting slammed by mackerel, jack crevalle,lady fish, sharks and more. The action is great especially if you have kids on board and want a fast bite. Spoons are a great lure when this type of action is happening. A Johnson sprite or similar spoon in 1/2 to 1oz size will work. If you are nit getting bites but see fish feeding on the baitfish, try varying the speed of your retrieve(usually faster in this type of feeding situation)to mimic fleeing baits. If this doesn't work go to a smaller spoon and or a different color gold or silver. Just look for the baits getting pushed up to the top of the water getting exploded on.

The snook action is also good especially on the outgoing tides with plenty of moving water. The better tides last longer and are stronger which flushes out more bait. This in turn creates a stronger bite. Scaled sardines are the bait of choice but threadfins and pinfish will also work. The mirrodine and zaraspook jr are good artificial baits to use for snook.

The redfish action continues to be great with schools of redfish roaming the flats looking for food to eat. Do not crowd them or they will blow out of the area or get lock jaw. Try to position yourself where they are heading and let them come to you when it is possible. When the do not feel threatened they feed aggressively.
Scaled sardines, threadfin hearing and pinfish are my baits of choice. Look for areas that have mangroves, oyster mounds and grass flats with plenty of sand holes. Areas like 4th street, Picnic Island, Weedon Island, Tierra Verde and Fort Desoto are all holding good fish.

Here is Mark C. with his 1st place redfish in the 2014 TGH American Heart Association Fishing Tournament that he caught while fishing aboard "The Fish Hunter" with Capt. George Hastick on 10/17/14.

Capt. George Hastick fishes the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay area. If you would like more information or would like to book a charter please contact him at:

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