The Holidays are here already.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season this year.  It has been a typical winter so far around the Treasure Coast.  Weekly cold fronts bring cooler temperatures to the area for a few days and then things warm back up again.  Water temps will fluctuate this time of year and that can affect the fishing.  You must be willing to change tactics on any given day and move to areas where water temps will be more favorable.  When the water cools down, move to deeper areas for best results.  I love winter with all the different species that migrate to the area.  You have so many choice on what to fish for and it gives you alternatives to cope with weather patterns.
I had my wife, Eva, and her two sisters out this past week.  They came down from up north to visit before the holidays and also to get out of the cold weather for a few days.  Carol and Judy don’t fish very often and it was actually Judy’s first time fishing. We drifted channels for an action filled time for the girls to enjoy and then had a boat ride to finish out the morning.  I think they had a lot of fun and caught lots of fish!  Otherwise, I have been laid up at home the past several days after having cataract surgery.  I can actually see again and probably won’t need glasses after wearing them since I was sixteen!  I’m excited about that.
The pompano, sheepshead, drum and mackerel are in the river now and you can find plenty of exciting action this time of year.  You can fish for them in a variety of ways now and they are all great table fare.  Live shrimp, DOA grub tails, Fish Bites or small shiny lures can all get you in on the great fishing around the Treasure Coast.  It’s an awesome time of year so plan on getting out soon!
Remember, fishing is not just another hobby….it’s an ADVENTURE!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Captain Charlie Conner