Indian River Lagoon, John Kumiski


The wind was ridiculous all week. I only fished three days because of it. So we have a small craft advisory Mosquito Lagoon fishing report.

Monday found Alex Worden and his friend Taubin (spelling?) in Spotted Tail, hoping to do battle with some denizens of the shallows. Need I say the wind was blowing? And we had some clouds, too. Taubin, who had not caught a fish in about 40 years (his estimate) got the first fish, a nice trout that once unhooked flopped over the gunwale before I could get the camera.

We got blown out of a couple spots because the skiff was filling with water, but managed a black drum at one of them before giving up on the windy spots and hiding in lees. Several more trout came aboard, some of them quite nice, on shad tails. Nary a redfish was captured, however.

It was a nice enough day if you weren’t fishing. The surface of the lagoon looked like a washing machine a good part of the day, though.

Tuesday fly fishers Jon Lancto and his friend Evan joined me, again on Mosquito Lagoon. It started off with heavy overcast and high south winds and proceeded to get worse. My plan was simple- go to the pole-troll area and stay on lee shorelines as much as possible. A good enough plan it was, but unfortunately there were no fish on those shorelines.

We took advantage of ten minutes without wind to hit a couple trout.

A point in the day came where the wind laid down. We could see dark rain clouds and lightning flashing to the north, but took the brief (as it turned out) opportunity to hit a couple seatrout. Then the wind came up stronger than ever, 180 degrees opposite of where it had been coming from, with a ten degree temperature drop.

We raced the storm back to the boat ramp, only getting minorly wet along the way. We were off the water about 130 PM.

Wednesday the sun was out, so in spite of the fact the trees were rocking back and forth I loaded up the kayak and went to the Econ. The water is as low as I’ve ever seen it. I thought I would do well. HA!

In four hours I got four dink bass. Didn’t see much in the way of fish, nor did I see an alligator (???). Did see a couple pairs of eagles and a swallow-tailed kite, one of my favorite birds. It was a lovely day and paddle, even if the fishing was slow.

Thursday found me at Discount Water Supply where I purchased a whole new water system for my home. Friday and Saturday I ripped out the fifteen-year-old one and put in the new one. Now we have clean, sweet water again!

That is the small craft advisory Mosquito Lagoon fishing report!

Life is great and I love my work!

Life is short- Go Fishing!

John Kumiski